What are the Beachy Amish-Mennonites?
The “Amish-Mennonites” are the car-driving, outreach focused cousin of the more broadly known horse-and-buggy Amish. They are intertwined in history and heritage. And just like there are many types of horse-and-buggy Amish, there are different Amish-Mennonites. The Beachy type of Amish-Mennonite is the largest group today, though seven other groups constitute over 50% of all Amish-Mennonites. Amish-Mennonites own automobiles, use cameras and computers but not radio and television, have prescribed dress, and are somewhat evangelical.

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Volume 1: The Amish-Mennonites of North America (2012, hard cover, 300pp.)

Volume 2: The Amish-Mennonites across the Globe (2019, hard cover, 323pp.)


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